About the Go Society

Welcome! Fáilte! ようこそ!欢迎光临!

So what is it that we do then? This is a society that plays a game essentially, a very interesting game at that though.

The game: This is an ancient game that originated in China http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game). One basically takes turns  playing stones on a board of intersections to surround parts of the board. Despite the rules being quite simple the game is rich in strategy.

Rules: See http://playgo.to/iwtg/en/.

Feel free to pop along to our meetings on Wednesdays at 8pm in Smokey’s cafe.

Our committee this year is the following:
Kevin Doherty (Auditor)
Barry Coffey (Vice-Auditor)
Dylan Mannix (Treasurer)
Artur Gower (Secretary)


One response to “About the Go Society

  1. Stephan

    Oh, you don’t want Cork people, surely? Devilishly handsome as they are, they will only be a distraction from playing go 😉

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