Socs day & Knight’s Atari

Hey there boys and girls.

Welcome to a new semester. Pop along to our stand in Aras na Mac Leinn today for Socs day.

You can play some go with us, and get yourself a copy of the latest Knight’s Atari, hot off the presses. It can also be found online, along with a compendium of all the entries for last month’s competition.

We’ll have our first meeting of the year this evening. Also, there’s a beginner’s chess workshop tomorrow in AC215 at 8pm in case you’d like a game of chess for a change.

See ye later,




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3 responses to “Socs day & Knight’s Atari

  1. Mikko

    Solution for life and death #4 pls. šŸ˜

    Best I can do is a ko where white takes first.

  2. jamblejuice

    Hmm. I don’t know. Tom set these and I didn’t even look at them. TOM???

  3. Tom

    Mmmmm, I think that is the solution, at least that is what I got too. Mikko what is your sequence?

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