New Knight’s Atari Out Now

Hey there everybody.

November’s issue of our wonderful newsletter, Knight’s Atari, is out now. It’s full of all sorts of good stuff, including puzzles, a competition (win 100 euro!), and even a fashion page and recipe page (although this recipe seems very tricky). Make sure to keep an eye out for it. There are copies all round campus. This month’s issue has a lot of goodies for the raging go fanatic as well. There are some delightful life and death puzzles, a short lesson on the history of go and even some advice on go etiquette, so you don’t embarrass yourself. Previous issues can be found online, just in case you would like to read every issue, starting from scratch. This month’s issue isn’t up online as of yet, but will be soon, so if you’re one of our national or international readers (of which I’m sure we have many), well you’ll just have to wait.

Of course, we will bring along a whole bunch of copies to the meeting tomorrow evening so you can read one if you start to get bored, even though that is NOT POSSIBLE because you will be at the Go Society.

See you all tomorrow.





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